A history: Atelier Swarovski

Atelier Swarovski has a longstanding history of quality and innovation in design, art and fashion: it is a brand truly worthy of it’s reputation. Daniel Swarovski was a pioneer in the nineteenth century, being an innovator in his craft with his unique crystal-cutting machine. The glittering crystals soon became a prized material with Parisian ateliers and the Parisian upper class. Following a century-long tradition of close collaboration with some of the top houses of couture—including Chanel, Schiaparelli and Christian Dior—Atelier Swarovski was born out of Swarovski’s rich legacy and a desire to explore the next frontier of crystal-couture jewellery. Still to this day each diamond is handcrafted in a Parisian atelier, meticulous quality control in Swarovski’s manufacturing process ensures perfectly shaped, flawlessly faceted crystals. The brand is not only committed to quality but to sustainability as well: Swarovski are actively trying to reduce their environmental impact in every stage of the crystal making process and only create products using crystals that are 100% lead free. Shop the latest collection of bracelets, rings and earrings now at Hervia.com.








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