Adidas x Wales Bonner Samba Collection Arrives for AW23

07 Nov 2023

The Wales Bonner x Adidas Autumn/Winter 23 collection made its grand debut on 08/11/23, reshaping the landscape of iconic Samba footwear and high-fashion collaboration. Hervia is thrilled to showcase this innovative partnership that redefines the Samba silhouette and Adidas classics with a blend of luxury materials and distinctive design elements.

Shifting from the vibrant eccentricities of the '70s to the audacious spirit of the '90s, the collection delivers key pieces that embody this temporal crossover, each piece reflecting a commitment to both aesthetic appeal and functional design, offered in unisex sizing to suit all.

Step into a world where colour and texture collide with the collection's four Samba colourways: 'Core Black', 'Fox Brown', 'Cream White', and 'Dark Brown'. Each shoe is a tribute to the seamless merger of Adidas's athletic legacy and the sophisticated touch of Wales Bonner.

Choose between the luxurious interplay of leather and suede in 'Core Black' and 'Fox Brown' or the rich pony hair textures of 'Cream White' and 'Dark Brown' – with the latter featuring a bold leopard print for those who dare to stand out.

The meticulous attention to detail is unmistakable, with finely stitched stripes and brass-finished eyelets adding refined accents, while the textured rubber midsoles give a respectful nod to the Sambas of yesteryear.

The collection and Samba selections are now waiting to elevate your wardrobe at This limited edition launch provides an exclusive opportunity to embrace the legacy of the Wales Bonner x Adidas, where iconic sportswear is seamlessly fused with the pinnacle British fashion.