Astrid Anderson Redefines Sports-Luxe

24 Aug 2016

Astrid Anderson is one of the growing London based streetwear conglomerates that is slowly re-defining the modern man's wardrobe. Despite not being perhaps the most famed designer, Anderson both has a cult following and is hugely influential as many of her fabrics, designs, and silhouettes end up replicated on the high street months later. Rather than falling into the imitation trap, this season Anderson sought to play with the concept of time, a subject other menswear giants, such as Raf Simons and Rick Owens, explored with their collections as this generation of designers seek to combat the relentless seasonal nature of contemporary fashion. Rather than follow seasonal conventions, Anderson wanted to blur the lines between season and nature, creating a  collection that could be considered timeless. Here in lays Anderson's motivation for a distinct focus on materials this season: a collaboration with a century-old UK mill, Linton Tweeds, manipulated conventional fabrics into a wearable, contemporary menswear collection. Using a quality driven supplier ensures the collection has wearability beyond its years, something the endless high street replications of Anderson's work cannot offer. Fur, lace, and tweed, are often disregarded in contemporary menswear, being left in the cold doldrums of past glory, but here, Astrid subtly utilizes them in a way to make them relevant again. Season after season Anderson pushes the aesthetic of the traditional streetwear brand, each collection refuses to be pin holed into the sports luxe category. However, currents of streetwear ran strong as bomber jackets, hooded sweatshirts and parkas were all key pieces. Furthermore, traditional, masculine colours dominated the palette: bold red, airforce blue, military green being rife. Such pieces signal somewhat of a departure from Anderson's usual playful experimentation with notions of alpha male masculinity with a femme-tinged flare.  The collection also signaled a bold departure from the over-branded criticisms pointed towards her in the past; here, only controlled splashes of her iconic logo were printed upon the collections standout pieces, making it by far the designers most wearable collection yet. Shop the collection at now.