Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY "THE GLOOM"

22 Sep 2021

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY: “THE GLOOM” 

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY is the fashion house founded by Glaswegian designer, illustrator, stylist and radical creative, Charles Jeffrey. Described by Sarah Mower of American Vogue as “the upholder of all that is human, creative and cheerful about British fashion”. Speaking to the youth of London and his generation as Alexander McQueen spoke to his.

LOVERBOY’s AW21 collection forms the first act of “The Gloom”, a year long project that acts as the counterbalance to the frenetic positivity of the brand’s 2020 manifesto “Trust the Future”, a calls to arms in the midst of immense social and economic adversity . 


The Gloom is the inevitable aftermath - the comedown after the high, the slump after an immense effort, the silence after the credits have played and the film has spooled out…. With it comes a period of introspection: an honest examination of the onset of fatigue, drifting us, vaguely, into limbo space - the nowhere place, the twilight zone.


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