Dark Futurism & Interstellar Science Fiction from KTZ S/S 17'

13 Jan 2017

KTZ has a loyal regiment of fans who eagerly await the label’s trademark monochromatic digitized, text-heavy prints each season yet the SS17 collection was is more like a cross planetary trip to a Mars franchise of Berlin's infamous Berghain club. Designer Marjan Pejoski intended to evoke not the past, although both the setting and a heavy dose of leather pieces induced of some serious 90's nostalgia, but the future —“interstellar science fiction” and “dark futurism” were the key statements behind the collection along with themes masculine eroticism and gender stereotypes that few brands are brave enough to tackle. The romanticism of celestial maps and stars is evident in the collection itself : expect the star print bombers seen in the show, printed sweatshirts and logo branded accessories. On first glance KTZ may appear completely impractical but look again and you'll find a host of wardrobe staples fit for the summer - Nothing is what it seems in the space.