Discover the ShuShu/Tong Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Hervia

18 Apr 2024

Embrace the unique and daring world of Shushu/Tong this season with their latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection, exclusively available at Hervia. Known for its luxury women’s fashion that marries anime-inspired aesthetics with the nostalgic charm of customized school uniforms, Shushu/Tong continues to redefine modern femininity with its sophisticated designs and subversive twists. 

Founders Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang have skilfully woven elements of Japanese anime into the fabric of their designs, presenting a collection that features relaxed separates and unexpected tailored silhouettes. Each piece in the collection highlights Shushu/Tong's signature style, enriched with charming details such as ruffles and bows, capturing the essence of coquette-core in luxury fashion.

Introducing sheer fabrics, lacy details, and lingerie-inspired touches further evolves the brand’s aesthetic, merging playful roots with an allure that resonates with current high-fashion trends. This evolution not only aligns with luxury fashion runways but also challenges the traditional norms of what is considered powerfully feminine.

Shushu/Tong's appeal is magnified by its celebrity endorsements, with fashion icons like Olivia Rodrigo and Jennie from Blackpink showcasing the versatility and unique charm of the brand. These endorsements enhance the brand’s profile, presenting it as a frontrunner in the luxury fashion industry to a broad audience across generations.

Shushu/Tong leverages its dynamic presence through social media and strategic partnerships, such as the recent collaboration with Asics on gingham sneakers. These initiatives keep the brand at the cutting edge of fashion, ensuring that each new collection meets and exceeds the expectations of style and impact.

With nearly a decade of influencing fashion trends, the SS24 collection at Hervia is not just a launch of new designs but a celebration of Shushu/Tong’s commitment to blending traditional aesthetics with groundbreaking new ideas. Experience this transformative approach to luxury fashion, where empowering femininity and innovative design converge to create a bold statement.