Dr. Martens FW20

07 Sep 2020

Over the years we have stocked many exciting collaborations from Dr. Martens, but for the first time we will now be stocking the women’s and men’s main line collection. 

Founded by Doctor Klaus Märtens during the Second World War, he injured his ankle skiing and wanted to create shoes that were more comfortable than his standard issue army boots. Märtens designed his own boots using soft leather and rubber from tires to create an air-cushioned sole. After the war was over, Dr. Martens and his business partner began using discarded rubber for production and the comfort of the boots made it instantly popular. After perfecting his craft, he opened a second factory in Munich where he implemented his designs into mass production and eventually British shoe manufacturer, R. Griggs Group Ltd, bought the rights to manufacture the boot in Britain where the name became anglicised to Dr. Martens. 

Following the UK release in 1960, the manufacturer trademarked the AirWair technology and added the signature yellow stitching. Dr. Martens became popular among workers such as postmen, police officers and factory workers, but were quickly adopted by skinheads and later in the 1970s, other subcultures including scooter riders, punks and new wave musicians began to adopt them. 

To this day, Dr Martens are made like no other shoe on the earth. The practical and durable designs are reimagined each season ensuring they remain stylish yet still comfortable. 

For footwear built to last, take a look at our FW20 collection of Dr. Martens shoes.