Dr. Martens: Seven Decades of Popularity

04 Dec 2020

There are few styles of footwear that have enjoyed the longevity and widespread popularity of Dr. Martens. Now, thanks to a new fanbase, the brand is undergoing its latest revival.

Starting out in the late 1940s, Dr. Martens have been adopted by various sub-cultures as part of their identity. We have seen the skinheads in the 70s, punks and new-wave artists in the 80s and the grunge movement of the 90s – the current renaissance comes as the world’s most influential mainstream fashion icons have been spotted wearing them.

Experts within the industry believe their current popularity is down to a mixture of being on trend and their everlasting appeal - the last few years have seen an increase in sales of the chunky flatform styles, and the popularity of classic silhouettes shows no sign of stopping due to catwalk inspirations, key influencers and VIPs wearing them year after year.

Other factors have also contributed to the revival. Dr. Martens has been working with some of the world’s most famous cultural figures. In recent years it launched its collaboration with American designer Marc Jacobs – a homage to his 1993 grunge collection for Perry Ellis in which they featured, and a collaboration inspired by Sex Pistols imagery, seen by many as the ultimate poster band for the boot, also launched.

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