DRKSHDW by Rick Owens, the latest for aw17

22 Aug 2017

Launched in 2008 as designer Rick Owens’ diffusion line DRKSHDW has in many ways outgrown the mainline in popularity and influence. Perhaps intrinsic to the labels constant success in the age of fast fashion is Mr Owens' drive to design every piece from every line bearing his name. DRKSHDW's signature rebellious style with it's juxtaposing silhouettes and highly versatile pieces have made it one of fashions most sought after brands. Owens' unique approach to fit, fabrication and of course the brands industrial colour palette sets it far apart from any high street replica.

As his partner Michelle Lamy describes, “That’s where he has created the tribe”,  “A certain style, a certain way of working — that’s what creates the tribe. It’s not the clothes, or technical things. It’s the way of holding yourself in a different way”. As a former pattern cutter himself fabric is at the center of Rick Owens' universe: 'Prisoner' jogging bottoms are made from a premium, heavyweight cotton whilst shorts are made from an rubber infused material which gives it a raw, hard and spare texture. A magnetising combination of  this luxury quality and the genius vision of it's designer is why the brand's cult following grows year upon year.

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