Faith Connexion; new to Hervia for SS17

19 Jan 2017

Faith Connexion may be new to a lot of you but the label was founded in 2004, but it took a change of creative direction in 2012 to really kick start the brand's rise into super stardom. The change came as the label began working with a collective of designers based in a studio in Paris, instead of being run by one singular designer. There has been much speculation about who exactly is a part of Faith Connexion's team of 'creatives' which includes designers and even graffiti artists. The fashion rumour swirled as it was believed that Christopher Decarnin, the former creative director at Balmain who worked at the French house before Olivier Rousteing, was part of the reinvention of the Faith Connexion, although his role is strictly behind closed doors. Collections are of the rock’n’roll variety: "Faith Connexion is not what we can call a proper luxury or a designer house, we want to stand for diversity and we encourage freedom of expression". This raw urban energy has won the brand a legion of celebrity fans including Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Zayn Malik. The latest collection has arrived at HERVIA.