JW Anderson's New Twist On A Classic Look

15 Jul 2021

JW Anderson's new take on the loafers has blown previous styles out of the water. Owing their desirability to their unique oversized chain running across the top, they are the perfect combo of style and bling. The bling factor makes the shoes an outfit unto themselves, providing a low effort, statement look that you don't have to dress up for.

Anderson is known for his playful sensibility, and for pretty but never precious menswear. The simple unisex black colourway being the fan-favorite, JW Anderson has since released brown, white, and more recently - muted suedes and animal print.

On the subject of the famous loafers, Anderson said "I liked the idea of escaping and a bit of fantasy" - safe to say these shoes are one of his strongest statements yet in that regard.

Available now at HERVIA.COM check out our offering below, including a new leopard print and blue suede shade: