Kuboraum eyewear; new for SS18

21 Dec 2017

Kuboraum; The unisex eyewear brand was conceived in 2012, in a former post office on the borders of East and West Berlin. Today the rooms house the studio, showroom and flagship store for the brand. Multi faceted creatives and directors Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi bring the brands vision and magic to life within these walls. The eyewear is then artfully crafted in Italy, harnessing Italian artisanal practices.

Kuboraum are keen to emphasise their concept; that pieces are “not inanimate + inorganic objects” but instead are referred to as masks, for their revolutionary properties.

Kuboraum eyewear possesses a natural fluidity; the wearer will exude power through the transformation of identity and self. Shifting the focus from logo and typical brand mentality, Kuboraum instead creates a narrative of freedom through the true expression of personality.

Through character and originality, the masks bring to light the features and character of the wearer, rather than disguising or hiding, they instead highlight and demand attention. Described as “cubic rooms where we are free to live all our identities” Kuboraum playfully walks the line between fantasy and reality.