KUBORAUM: Reimagining Eyewear as an Artistic Statement

28 Jun 2023

Visualize an eyewear brand that transcends the typical functionality of glasses, envisioning each pair as an expression of art. This is a label that doesn't solely focus on enhancing your visage but aspires to deepen your understanding of self. Welcome to the transformative universe of KUBORAUM.

Born in Berlin,

 a city synonymous with vibrant arts and culture, KUBORAUM is revolutionizing the eyewear industry with its pioneering designs and thought-provoking philosophy. Rejecting the notion of traditional glasses, the brand meticulously crafts 'masks' - objects of individual expression that free the wearer from societal expectations.

One such piece is their Mask X21 Tortoise Abstract Sunglasses, a bold statement piece that goes beyond mere sun protection. With its tortoise abstract frame and brown lenses, it stands as a testament to the wearer's unique personality and creative spirit. It perfectly embodies KUBORAUM's commitment to individuality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Another key piece in their collection is the Mask H42 Foldable Metal Frame Sunglasses. With its innovative foldable design and dark grey metal frame, this piece pushes the boundaries of conventional eyewear design. It's more than just a sunglass; it's a wearable piece of art that encapsulates KUBORAUM's daring approach to eyewear.

KUBORAUM's avant-garde methodology has earned them accolades globally. Their masks are beloved by those who value distinct style. KUBORAUM doesn't merely keep up with fashion trends; it pioneers them.

So, if you're someone who appreciates personal expression and possesses the audacity to challenge the status quo, KUBORAUM is the brand that speaks to your spirit. Embrace the journey of self-discovery with their masks, and experience the revolution in eyewear design.

Step into the avant-garde realm of KUBORAUM today, where each mask is an artistic creation, poised to enhance your unique style.

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