Maison Margiela Pre Collection SS17 Preview

12 Dec 2016

Maison Margiela's artful deconstruction and reduction was revisited for SS17, tailoring influences from Margiela's archives was accompanied by a nostalgic atmosphere  emphasized by the show's soundtrack, "Last Year's Man" by the late Leonard Cohen. In true Margiela style, several garments were detailed with white tailor’s chalk, marking out cutting patterns and details as if the collection was still in construction. Each piece was reduced to the core of it's conception and then re-assembled, a minimalist sky blue suit was the centre piece, as well as a half jacket that layered over a white gauze sleeveless top. Such de-construction was an exploration of the vulnerability of the post-modern man -  the way a man is expected to dress and the way he is perceived in modern society. Although prints were hard to come by, our favourite piece is a silky spring/summer number of the country garden variety which you can feast your eyes on below. The greens, muted oranges and yellows of the sepia variety of the collection make it the perfect palette to start your Summer wardrobe. Keep an eye out at for the pre-collection which is set to arrive soon.