Maison Margiela x Reebok

16 May 2022

Maison Margiela x Reebok (Drop 2)

Based upon Reebok’s classic design but reinterpreted through Maison Margiela’s signature concept of questioning the ‘memory of’ which looks to deconstruct garments and accessories.

Drop 2 of the Maison Margiela x Reebok collection offers a more audacious approach in terms of its overall aesthetic. The technique within the design method highlights identifiable facets engrained in our collective memory and activates our shared visual perception with one another.

Instapump Fury Memory Of | White

Fashion meets functionality in the Instapump Fury Memory Of sneakers. A contemporary design with a timeless appeal, Maison Margiela applies a deconstructed and reworked vision. These sneakers feature a lace closure and a textile lining.


Instapump Fury Memory Of | Black


The Instapump Fury Memory Of also provides us with the technique of decortiqué – Maison Margiela’s term for cutting up an item in order to reveal the structure that holds it together – parts of the sneaker’s padded area have been cut to reveal the inside foam as well as the protective tricot mesh overlay.


The Question Memory Of | White

The Question Memory Of | Black

A debossed number 22 on the heel, as seen above, signifies the footwear code in Maison Margiela’s numeric labelling. 

Zig 3D Storm Memory Of | Black

The Zig 3D Storm shoes moulded heel padding is revealed while the breathable perforation of its spliced tongue is used for lacing.

Zig 3D Storm Memory Of | White

Crafted from its own inside-out microfibre lining as well as clear nylon, cotton twill and foil. The Zig 3D Storm Memory Of features an EVA-filled TPU sole and the Maison Margiela’s stitch logo.

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