Masion Margiela Spring Summer '20 ‘Défilé’

18 Dec 2019

Legendary British designer, John Galliano, often veers away from politics but on the latest episode of Margiela's Memory Of... podcast he voiced his opinions on the current state of British politics: “Witnessing the very breakdown of the moral fibre of society, the trivialisation of democracy and the European Union… Isn’t this what they fought for, for peace? I love this spirit of activism.”

Taking into considering the current policital situation and the looming figure of Brexit everpresent, Galliano could have painted a bleak picture with the themes of his latest collection, but instead, he offered a far more hopeful vision. Looking back at iconic figures from history for inspiration, honouring legendary female heroes such as Edith Cavelle and Marie Curie with garments inspired by their era. Nurses veils, helmet-like hats, trench coats and other military uniform inspired pieces were a recurrent theme of the show.  

Galliano concluded his podcast summarising the themes of the collection, saying: "It’s about remembrance, it’s about liberation, it’s about having a voice. These people fought for you so you can vote, so use it. Make yourself heard. It’s important.”

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