MSGM Resort & SS18 Collection

27 Jan 2018
Massimo Giorgetti of MSGM creates memorable designs that add a loud, youthful edginess to classic pieces. His aesthetic is fun and playful, through vibrant colour blocking and a rejection towards anything minimal or mundane. He is certainly not afraid of colour or texture, but bold and unafraid, successfully breaking traditional rules with a colourful rebellious approach.
Finding inspiration in fashion icons such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgetti's creative vision is to combine the traditional with a sense of effortless detachment, and 'revolution of the new millennium'.
For MSGM's Spring Summer 2018 offering, the runway saw exaggerated silhouettes with amped up, oversized volume, presented in a mash up of neon brights that felt purposefully clashed together.  Models sported vinyl outerwear that carried an 80's feel, vintage sports detailing, trench coats with tie dye under-sleeves, Broderie lace and vinyl or floral bucket style sun hats.
The overall aesthetic was punchy and maximal, with a 'go bold or go home' statement. Fabric was tie dyed, precisely ripped or garnished with bows, ruffles or splatters of paint. Chaotic, yes, but refreshing none the least. Shoes were paired with neon socks in colour popping hues, and loose or clumsy shapes were balanced with pretty adornments and clever tailoring.