New For FW21: Jil Sander Collection

22 Sep 2021

The New Fall/Winter 21 Jil Sander Collection.

The feeling of distance caused by the pandemic only has intensified as it drags on into winter. This perhaps was unconsciously imbued in Luke and Lucie Meier’s JIL SANDER collection with a certain alien sensibility. Alienated from society and family members this collection has a sense of self-protection and distance ingrained in its designs. Between their enveloping wool coats, roomy knitwear, long fluid overshirts and comforting knitted collars, an interpretation of comfort and protection. Especially with the winter seasons approaching now releasing colour block knitwear, dark denim trousers and ribbed tops coming with detach

The designs may feel stark or cold and heartless, however, between the muted colors and themes of separation and loneliness there was an expressed emotional core that gave it warmth “There’s a certain personal approach here. I try most of the things on, and I wear most of the pieces,” Giving the collection a humanly touch element through an alien lens.


Sewn onto coats and knitwear were panels of frayed canvas printed with photographic portraits of flamboyant young female art students at the Bauhaus shot by Florence Henri in the 1920s. The male idea, perhaps, of missing a formidable female family member or friend. “It’s a show of familial affection,” Luke noted. Longing for family and friends this collection has a very relatable feeling that ripples through our entire civilisation.


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