New for FW21: Yohji Yamamoto

14 Oct 2021

Discover Yohji Yamamoto’ Fall/Winter 2021 collection, exploring a more rebellious ever-changing world and his inner self as an artist.

With garments embroidered with random, untethered phrases including “Amazing Grace” and more terrifyingly “Born a Terrorist” felt tired and sick. Shrouded in oversized, layered clothes and a Scissorhands haircut the models seemed more fragile than ferocious.

The Fall/Winter collection is largely a reflection of Yohji Yamamoto’ present-day observations of the streets and current mirroring of the worlds situations. “Yohji is questioning himself about the future” The complete disarray of the clothes indicates that even he has not come to any conclusions. As we observe the pieces artfully articulated throughout the collection, we realise that Yohji’s thoughts are also as usual, in several directions at onc

With Femme Plus printed on the back of the final look. “The potential for women’s clothing is infinite,” is one of the lines he reads from his book. That optimistic message is arrived at through the designer’s pure punk ideology, which manifests as a restless need to challenge the status quo.

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