NEW LAUNCH: Rick Owens Fogachine

14 Jan 2022

Rick Owens SS22 presents a collection described by the designer as ‘WHITE-MAGIC-HOUSES-OF-THE-HOLY-STAIRWAY-TO-HEAVEN HIPPIES’ wearing baggy dragging flares, sliced-into jackets and coats with deepened armholes, and ripped off sleeves.

Chain Leather ‘Brutalist’ Chokers are from the ongoing jewellery collection produced by Goossens. Fogachine Pods Shorts and Cape Sleeve Knitwear celebrate the undoing of structure savoured by the designer.

This collection embraces ‘hedonism but in a soft, grateful way reflecting on this new period of contradictively trying to mix glam with responsibility and thoughtfulness’. 

Leather Jackets and Bags continue to be made from Pirarucu Dragon Scale Leather, a food by-product produced by indigenous communities in Brazil. Pieces like The Naska Klaus Jacket and The Cupro Bias Skirt brings a luxe-grunge touch to SS22.

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