New to HERVIA: Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY

04 Dec 2020

New to HERVIA for SS21 is Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, the fashion house founded by Glaswegian designer, illustrator, stylist and all-round creative, Charles Jeffrey. Once hailed as "the upholder of all that is human, creative and cheerful about British fashion” by Sarah Mower of American Vogue, Jeffrey has built the LOVERBOY label from outsider brand-of-the-moment to a thriving business with a retail network of the most revered stores in the world.

LOVERBOY’s visual identity is steeped in Jeffrey’s autobiographical primary research. The collections are anchored by the Charles’ personal styling codes, as well as those of his friends and collaborators. The result is a potent clash of references both subcultural and traditional, Scottish and Pagan, interpreted through an illustrative, DIY approach to design.

LOVERBOY’s philosophy stems from London’s vibrant nightlife scene. The LOVERBOY parties, first staged while Jeffrey was studying for his Masters in fashion design at Central St Martins in London, were attended by the city’s up-and-coming artists, performers, musicians, drag queens and poets, many of whom became Jeffrey’s future muses and creative collaborators.

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