New to Hervia: MACKAGE

04 Aug 2017

Launched by Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan in 1999, Mackage was created around the belief that outerwear is an integral element of fashion. Since it's creation Mackage has changed the outerwear game with it's belief that a coat is not just part of an outfit, it is an outfit itself. Using high quality materials and luxurious detailing Eran and Elisa elevated outerwear by creating a unique balance between fashion and function. Each collection is creatively designed with intricate detailing and tailored cuts in leather, ethically sourced down and wool. Mackage coats are designed to ensure that every part provides a specific benefit. Tested in laboratories and real Canadian winters, their goal is to make sure you get the ultimate comfort, warmth and protection from exterior elements with their windproof and waterproof properties. Shop one of fashion's most prestigious outerwear brands today at