New to Hervia: UNDERCOVER Japan

03 Aug 2017

Undercover has aptly been called "the essence of Japanese cool": it is in the wardrobe of every street-wear connoisseur and high-end fashionista alike since the first men's collection debuted on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in 2010. However, the brand has very deep and influential roots in fashion that stretch back all the way to 1993 when the brand was first launched by Jun Takahashi. Takahashi studied Fashion Design at the Bunka Academy of Fashion where he founded the ‘Undercover’ brand with his friend and classmate, Nigo (who formerly headed Japan's biggest streetwear label,  ‘A Bathing Ape’). Takahashi and Nigo then opened a store called Nowhere in the trendy Tokyo district of Harajuku and since then have been designing "strange, but beautiful" clothes. In its early collections Undercover was heavily Punk influenced, with ripped Ts and patched leather jackets being the mainstays of the collection, but today the brand is best known for it's punk inspired graphic print clothes. However, it's hard to really pin point Undercover's exact style as Takahashi describes, "we make noise, not clothes". New to Hervia this season, shop the latest graphic print t-shirts now at