New York Fashion Week Round Up

13 Sep 2017

It's that time again: the world and a marauding hoard of celebrities race to New York Fashion Week to check out the latest collections from some of fashions most revered designers. America is a nation famed for it's obsession with sport and that bleeds through into it's fashion week. The countries iconic preppy style, with it's origins rooted in heritage sportswear, was a trend revisited and moulded for the modern era. Along with it's collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto, Adidas' break into luxury comes in the form of it's monochromatic, stripe central collaboration with designer Alexander Wang. There was also Rihanna's 'Fenty by Puma' show, which had clearly taken a leaf out of the Thom Browne manual of extravagance, with it's motorbike stunts and sports inspired fashion.

Alexander Wang



Fenty x Puma By Rihanna 

Fenty Puma by Rihanna RTW Spring 2018 Fenty Puma by Rihanna RTW Spring 2018

Whilst these sportswear inspired shows delved into a luxury focused future of sportswear, some designers looked back in time. One of the biggest shows of the calendar was Raf Simons' second collection for one of America's biggest brands, Calvin Klein. The collection, entitled 'Sophomore', was a nod to the 1950's American high school wardrobe it drew on – looking decidedly like a sequel to his first. Perhaps after living in America for a year, the continents style has rubbed off on him as the collection combined both the clean, minimal look of Calvin Klein with the heritage, American style championed by other designers such as Thom Browne.

810 (1)

810 (3)

As designers embraced the sportswear history of American fashion, it was Shayne Oliver who pursued a different route altogether. Previously of streetwear brand Hood By Air, Oliver debuted his first collection at the helm of Helmut Lang which was one of the week's most talked about moments. New York is the centre of liberty and freedom so naturally it was the perfect place for Oliver to draw inspiration from Lang's fetishistic catalogue and create a leather central collection similar to another of America's most iconic designers: Rick Owens. As Oliver drew inspiration from New York's shadowy back streets so did the master of bling himself, Phillip Plein. As Plein himself discussed, this collection was the 'Good Gone Bad', exploring the dark side of New York and the famous American dream fantasy. Plein revels in controversy and the shows casting contained rappers, music producers and celebrities galore. The long list of celebrities in the show include Dita Von Teese, Future, Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk, Teyana Taylor, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin and more. More than just a gimmick Plein is the social media generation designer, you can find him galavanting around his mansion at any point in the day on Instagram, designing clothes for the sultry obsessed social media generation. Shop Phillip Plein and other of America's most celebrated designers such as Thom Browne and Rick Owens here at