Paris Fashion Week: Rick Owens SS17

07 Oct 2016

During the height of Paris fashion week Rick Owens debuted his upcoming Womenswear Spring Summer collection wonderfully entitled: Walrus. This collection however was no sluggish beast, Owens has recently been exploring the concept of change and evolution in fashion and humanity, especially in himself as he himself professes he is becoming m0re "confident" using colour. The name Walrus also served as a satirical double entendre as Owens presented his most dainty and delicate collection to date. “I usually like things that are really solid but this time the clothes were almost floating, and things were barely stitched on”, the designer further explained “I’m normally too practical to do something this frothy. But I allowed myself to do it this time. I don’t know how we will ship stuff for the stores but we’ll deal with that later”. This is unlike Owens whose vision is often extremely wearable. No practicality could be found in the silk and dainty sculptures of this Spring Summer collection. However, good fashion is practical, said nobody, ever. Owens professed this is his most quiet collection to date, harsh colour palettes and silhouettes may be a thing of Owens' past. Man is evolving it seems. Shop the latest collection at now.