Raf Simons latest for Spring/Summer

20 Dec 2017
Belgian-born designer Raf Simons initially graduated in industrial and furniture design and has since become one of fashions most well respected designers. Simon's inspiration is sparked by his passion for minimalist aesthetics juxtaposed with edgy, anti establishment culture. Raf is renowned for his contribution to the minimalist movement, considered a true innovator by many. Each season's collaboration he plays with different textures, colours and finishes, all the while channelling his distinctive forward thinking aesthetic. Raf Simons is a huge fan of Peter Saville's iconic graphic design and the famous Factory Records era. His first collection involving Saville was in spring/summer 03, the collection consisted of parkas printed with New Order album covers.
For his second show at New York Fashion week's Menswear, Simons looked back at previous collections and his ongoing appreciation for Peter Saville. Looking at Saville's work with New Order and Joy Division to set the tone of the collection, Raf references punk youth culture through the up cycling of cultural references, the only constant is his homage to the unwavering legacy of the record label. Utilising old school album covers for the graphic element on both the garments and the set of the show, Simons sliced and repurposed fabric to build a bold, memorable collection.
The show itself only added to the punchiness of the collection. It was located underneath a bridge in the heart of Chinatown, in the summer heat. The hustle and bustle of the market added an atmospheric ambience that Simon's would have struggled to emulate in a normal indoors environment. The collection draws equal measures of inspiration from Saville and Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner. Simons intention was to communication the film's message of the sinister aspect to the advancement of technology, asking questions about what it means to be human. For this show, Raf Simons successfully blurred the lines between art, culture, fashion and film.
With hanging Chinese lanterns sporting Peter Saville's graphic work, the infamous waves of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures made an appearance, alongside New Order’s Movement and Substance.
A handpicked selection of this collaboration is available on our website.