Rick Owen's AW 17' Pre-Collection

19 May 2017

Each season Rick Owens is a visionary at the forefront of the changing face of fashion, pushing the boundaries of accepted norms. His latest Autumn Winter '17 collection entitled 'Glitter', is a reference to a period during the 70's which Owens himself described the period celebrated immortality, transgression, sexual liberation and flamboyant non-conformity. This non-conformity is central to not just this season's collection but to every collection he produces. Owens creates silhouettes that reflect on and reinterpret global issues as he described “Instead of whining so much, it has to be about rejecting turbulent times and defying it.”. Getting ready for turbulence, Owens quite literally bundled his models up in quilted suits of armour in a wintery colour palette of olives, burnt oranges and grey. Models were dressed to weather the coming storm, with puffa-style jackets wrapped around the body and layered capes. The Pre-Collection has just arrived at Hervia; expect many of Owens' classic pieces such as punk inspired pants, leather sneakers and accessories but keep an eye on our social media where we post all release information. On our parting note we'll leave you with one of our favourite quotes of the entire season from Owens' himself: “Maybe it’s because clothes fundamentally are about fear and threats. It’s basically always been about armor: putting on the best face you can."