03 May 2023

Rick Owens, known for his self-proclaimed 'glamour-meets-grunge' style, has always pushed boundaries in the fashion world. His DRKSHDW line, a more affordable collection with the same edgy aesthetic, has been a hit among fashion enthusiasts. The blend of this unique design philosophy with the iconic Converse brand results in an exciting intersection of high fashion and streetwear.

The TURBODRK laceless and elasticated Converse come in two colour-ways, Hot Pink and Dust, with the same tones in Bucket Hat's and Tote Bag's.  

The hallmark of this collaboration is the reinvention of the classic Converse silhouette. While maintaining the essence of the iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars, the design introduces elongated shapes and darker shades synonymous with the DRKSHDW line. The result is a shoe that's as comfortable and versatile as the original, but with an extra edge that sets it apart.

One of the most prominent features of the Rick Owens DRKSHDW X Converse collection is the exaggerated square toe. This design choice is a bold departure from the traditional rounded Converse toe, showcasing the influence of Owens' signature style. Additionally, the collection utilizes a color palette reflecting the DRKSHDW line's penchant for muted, moody and bold tones.

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