Rick Owens 'Sisyphus' Fall Winter '18: Menswear

19 Jul 2018

Rick Owens' latest offering for Fall/Winter '18 presents Mens' and Womens' collections both entitled 'Sisyphus'. The name hails from Greek mythology, after an arrogant king who was punished by Zeus to roll and boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down, repeatedly for all eternity. The ancient tale leaves room for interpretation, but some aspects seem obvious. The story could nod to a sense of futility, a narrative of monotonous patterns repeatedly occurring without change or progression.

For his Menswear, Rick Owens focus was on 'cycles of cultural backpedaling and disappointing social shifts'. The theme explores the human experience, serving as a sharp reminder of the dangerous complacency of negative cycles. Owens' toys with the idea that unhealthy cycles might be an inevitable part of life, questioning their validity and examining any value they may carry.

The aesthetic tone is a juxtaposition of adventure and security. Exaggerated volumes of varying proportions are set against reliable fabrics, to create an off-beat array of silhouettes.