"SCARECROWS" - Youths In Balaclava

20 Sep 2021

Singapore-based streetwear label Youths In Balaclava (YIB) is the collective of twenty-somethings bound by a mutual love of fashion, style and individual expression. Forgoing fashion conventions they reference science, music, and art, and feature embellished T-shirts, deconstructed tailoring and a strong dose of 1990s nostalgia. Hailing from a divergent mixture of backgrounds and daytime professions with everything from fashion designers and musicians to accountants and some doing their military services. Meanwhile, managing to produce bespoke garments on a virtually non-existent budget. 

Since their inception they have released previous collections with names such as “Traitors 2 Society” and “Twisted Paradise.” And now following that with "SCARECROWS", which roots itself in the mysticism of a somewhat elusive and unheard-of narrative. Influenced by a variety of music genre’s and the disparity of the unaffordability of the flashy designer labels, they live by “it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it” - inspiring them to design their own garments to showcase their unique love and drive for fashion.

The collection will feature Youths In Balaclava’s first steps towards women-centric garments, in addition to a variety of (but not limited to) shirts, accessories, and pants; all conceptualized with the burning desire to tell a story. AW21 “SCARECROWS” symbolizes the collective’s take on retrofuturism and post-nostalgia, and bleeds hues of purple, mustard, green, and orange.

View the extensive Youths In Balaclava Collection at HERVIA.com now