Summer Scents - Men's and Women's Summer Fragrances

01 May 2020

Hot summer days bring gorgeous floral scents, so why not switch up your go-to fragrance to match the changing of the seasons. We have picked out some of the finest unisex scents to wear this summer. 


COMME des GARÇONS PARFUM x Moncole - Monocle Scent Four

Named after and drawing inspiration from Tokyo's beautiful Olympic Park, Yoyogi is primed with woody notes of cypress, freshly cut grass and a hint of absinthe wormwood. 



 Floriental is a disrupted floral fragrance that challenges the traditions of perfumery to reimagine a flower that has no scent. Derived from the Cistus Flower that has no scent, labdanum (warm resin) is drawn from the leaves of the Cistus shrub giving the fragrance a fruity twist on top of lavish sandalwood, vetiver, incense, pink pepper and plum liqueur.



CDG 2 injects a 'new light' into the Japanese black Sumi ink it gets its inspiration from. The 'new light' is found in the new top notes to which fresh notes of orange and mandarin blossom, vetiver and cumin were added.


 COMME des GARÇONS PARFUM - CLASH Chlorophyll Gardenia

 Gardenia is known as a very distinctive, heady scent. Perfumer Caroline Dumur worked on breaking down this overpowering essence with the freshness of Chlorophyll. An unusual encounter that blossoms into a new floral green composition.

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