The Revival Of Courreges

16 Aug 2017

With the two new creative directors (Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant) at the helm of the brand since 2015, the iconic brands legacy is set to be resurrected and it's vision transformed into the present – if not even the future. It's founder, André Courrèges, was fascinated with the unexplored and everything futuristic. So the brand has gone back to it's core for the new Autumn Winter collection embodying the spirit of modernity, intertwined with some 60’s style elements, such as high hemlines, mini dresses and bright colours. In Courrèges vision of the future, collections are not designed around a certain style or concept but a design category. Sweaters and accessories dominate while the brands iconic vinyl mini skirt has been given a much needed revival. Check out the lookbook below which further showcases the brands modern approach: for the shoot they simply invited their friends to take a series of portraits in some of their favourite pieces from the collection. Andre Courrèges may be gone but his transformative legacy seems to keep on proving itself to be one fitting for the past, present, and surely way beyond. Shop the brands latest collection now at