The Unisex Connoisseur's: Faith Connexion

11 Aug 2017

Despite Faith Connexion emerging from the relatively unknown into one of fashions elite, this rapidly growing label has stuck to it's roots for it's latest Autumn Winter collection. Led by former Balmain Creative Director Christophe Decarnin, the brand perfectly combines the synergy of a street attitude with the glamour and quality of a luxury label. A laboratory of young talent, experimenting in art, fashion and street culture, the tribe captures and elegantly puts forward the authenticity and the attitude of the street. This artistic collection is represented as a collective of different styles, unafraid to create wonderfully diverse, clashing collections for both sexes: Faith Connexion has a look to suit everyone. It's extremely hard to pinpoint a signature style but every piece is unmistakably Faith Connexion. The DIY graffiti painted on a lot it's pieces, are Faith Connexion's most sought after items with stars such as the Kardashian sisters and Beyonce sporting their iconic military jackets. Take individuality to next level with Faith Connexion today at