The Wonderful World of Philipp Plein

12 Jun 2017
Out of nowhere Philipp Plein has established himself in the fashion elite with his distinctive fusion of hype, extravagance and alot of bling. Modern luxury in his eyes should be far from boring and everything from his clothes to his infamous fashion shows reflect that. Staged in the landmark New York Public Library, the Autumn Winter show was a love letter to the neighborhoods of New York. The words ‘Neighborhood Kings’ are emblazoned throughout the collection because, in this show, everyone was a king of their own hood. Plein chooses to explore the concept of new money rather than the old money of the fashion elite, hence his choice of self made artists such as Young Thug and Desiigner and even photographer Sebastian Faena to model his clothes. Philipp Plein rips up the rule book at every opportunity: there are no barriers as music, style, race and gender are totally ignored.  There is also no distinction between women’s and menswear. There is no distinction between streetwear and couture: an embroidered evening dress is worn with a bomber jacket; an intarsia mink coat paired with a hoodie; thigh-high sneakers next to chinchilla heeled boots. This unmistakable brand of gothic chic is why Plein has shot into stardom. Shop the exciting new collection here at