Thom Browne Accessories

09 Sep 2016

Thom Browne's Autumn/Winter collection explores the concept of the modern day 'gentleman', with accessories being central to this seasons collection. Gentleman of a certain taste only sport the highest quality accessories. Browne's label is the epitome of luxury, embodying the labor-intensive craftsmanship which goes into every item in the collection. His runway show was a throwback to the suit-clad chivalry of the 1920's; Models were dressed in traditional bowler hats combined three-piece Italian suits, all layered with embellished tailcoats and accessorized with Italian crafted leather bags. Browne's obsession with 1950's American culture and designs runs deep as even the accessories are made in classic materials such as pebble grain leather from handcrafted techniques that have been passed down several generations. All of which is in a very restrained, gentlemanly colour palette that borders on the monochromatic. Each accessory comes complete with the iconic Thom Browne tackle, which embodies the colours of the country he draws so much inspiration from America. The theme that prevailed in both the show and the collection in its entirety was time, which is perhaps the reason for Browne's obsession in ensuring each little detail is perfect; Each accessory is crafted to last a lifetime. Shop the Autumn/Winter '16 Thom Browne Accessory collection at