Top 5 New York Fashion Week Moments Ever

05 Jul 2017


With New York fashion week fast approaching we have rounded up some of our favourite moments of all time from the festival. The Michael Kors show of 1991 was not just one of New York Fashion Week's most iconic moments, but one of fashions in general. The bass of the shows music was so loud and powerful it caused the ceiling to collapse. The designer would later recall how none other than superstar model Naomi Campbell ran backstage and broke the news to him. However, as they say the show must go on and that it did, as once the dust settled and cleared the show went ahead to the amazement of those in attendance.


A star was born: the moment Calvin Klein put a white dress on a teenage Kate Moss and sent her out in front of the world's press, wearing sandals and a sleek, white number - the rest as they say is history. The most iconic model of the past 20 years was born and she continued modelling for the designer for years to come.


Flirting with fashions' luxury labels with various collaborations over the years, controversial rapper Kanye West debuted his first solo collection at the fashion festival and certainly caused a stir. The rapper was tasked with re-inventing Adidas in the USA and a theatrical introduction made a lasting impression as the collection's most famous export, the 'Yeezy' sneakers continues to be at the top of everybody's wish list.


Marc Jacobs is one of fashions most recognisable and best loved designers. After leaving Louis Vuitton to focus on his eponymous line, his genius was again unleashed upon those in attendance. A monochrome ensemble was one of the week's most iconic spectacles and the American designers comeback was etched into history.

1978 - 2016

No-ones story is more entwined with the fashion week than of photographer Bill Cunningham. Covering the festival for over 30 years for the city's prestigious New York Times paper, his camera would shoot some of fashions biggest stars. Bill's photographs are iconic and his legacy will live on forever.

Photographs: Vogue