VEJA X Rick Owens

02 Oct 2019

 The environmental impact of the fashion industry has become a salient subject in recent years. Whilst some labels seemingly turn a blind eye, Parisian sneaker label VEJA tackles it head-on and has become a pioneer in its ecological and environmentally grounded business model. Rick Owens, inspired by VEJA's sustainability, approached VEJA in 2017 about a collaboration. Two years on, the two labels joined creative forces to present the VEJA X Rick Owens V-Knit Sneaker at the Owen's AW19 Paris Show. 

Owen's commented post-show about the collaboration: “Maybe going in a more responsible direction might be smarter... I researched the most ecological sneaker brand I could find and ended up at VEJA. I’m the last person to have any authority promoting sustainability but that’s the message – we can all start somewhere. I have been the first to roll my eyes at the hype around sustainability, but even if it’s hype, it’s hype in the right direction.”

The sneakers are available in three colourways: 'Butter Beige', 'Black' and 'Dust Grey', blending Owens' distinct aesthetic with VEJA's uncompromising dedication to sustainability. Constructed from biodegradable materials, the sole is 45 per cent bio-based, comprised of banana oil, sugar cane, and rice husk, which is then coated with Brazilian natural rubber. To finish off the sneaker, breathable uppers are made using recycled plastic bottles. 

This collaboration is a gleaming example of how the fashion industry can adapt to environmental change without compromise. 

The VEJA X Rick Owens V-Knit Sneaker is now available online!