Y-3 Footwear Autumn/Winter 2016

19 Aug 2016

Each season Y-3 continues to push the boundaries and aesthetic of modern footwear, this year is no different: Yohji Yamamoto presented, at his Autumn/Winter '16 Paris show, a stripped back, minimalist vision of the futuristic utopia for which he is known for. The result is a cleaner, leaner and much more refined than any previous collection. Perhaps it is with the second drop of this collection, where this shift can be seen most vividly.  In true Yamamoto style, the colour palette is restrained with monochromatic whites, blacks and varying shades of grey dominating much of the collections canvas. Where minimalism threatens to be somewhat boring, Yamamoto adds a dash of colour and a sprinkle of detail to set the shoe apart from any competitor. Twin zip's, dashes of teal blue, and clever use of neoprene fabric are just some examples of how Y-3 continues to invest in the devil of detail. Each shoe, unlike many other luxury shoes, is made with functionality in mind: these are made with quality materials and Adidas' cutting edge manufacturing that ensure shoe lasts past your 100th wear. While some may pinhole Y-3, casting it into the Streetwear sub-brand which is so often looked down upon in many fashion circles, drop two of the collection focus on silhouettes that transcend genre. The Stan Smith Zip is just one example of how currents of both sportswear and causal functionality synchronize. No other shoe brand makes this synergy look so effortless thus just another reason why Y-3 continues to be one of the most sought after collections on Adidas' roster. Shop the latest collection now at Hervia.com.