Yohji Yamamoto's Autonomous SS17

30 Sep 2016

Few people have shaped contemporary menswear like Yohji Yamamoto; each collection is a distinct extension of his personality and unique personal style. In the humble beginnings of his career, Yohji trained in womenswear, thus the growing genderless autonomy of many recent collections is nothing new to the Japanese designer. As one of the original masters of this trend, Yohji continues to explore with androgynous, fluid and slightly feminine silhouettes. Such fluidity was finely contrasted with lumbering, oversized structures symbolising perhaps society's own lumbering gender stereotypes on fashion itself. Being from the epicentre of streetwear in Japan, the influence of the street is never far from any Yohji collection: abstract, graffiti inspired imagery was splattered across trench coats and sleeves aplenty. Good fashion is aesthetically pleasing, great fashion is art: Everything Yohji produces is art or is inspired by such, even this season's Winter collection features Van Gogh inspired knits. Shop this seasons timeless Yohji Yamamoto collection at Hervia.com now.