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Comme des Garçons
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Choose from our full range of Comme des Garçons women’s clothing and accessories for the latest in modern avant-garde womenswear. A brand renowned for stunning designs, this label has remained a favourite since its debut in 1978.
Browse the latest products on offer from this world-famous label in our range. Our curated selection includes some of the most exciting items in women’s designer clothing to help you find the perfect luxury garments to suit your style.
“There are no limits.” Founder Rei Kawakubo has often said. Kawakubo’s signature style often represents expressions of her inner life and feelings allowing her to create truly unique and vibrant designs. The company often produces unexpected collaborations and in 2004, the company began selling out of multiple “guerrilla” pop-up shops in different locations; from venues such as former bookstores in Berlin to under a bridge in Warsaw, Poland.
Hervia is proud to offer a wide collection of Comme des Garçons products, including dresses, shirts, jackets, blouses, cardigans and accessories each with the brand’s own unique style and detailing.
Whatever your wardrobe you can easily find stunning designs on the cutting edge of fashion to help you keep your look fresh in our selection. Find structural architectural pieces, avant-garde tailoring that plays with traditional silhouettes and stunningly innovative designs such as a shirt with four arms.
Our stylists have selected from some of the most exciting designs released by this label to help you find luxury fashion that will easily become your new favourite.
Shop our full selection of Comme des Garçons women’s clothing and accessories online at Hervia to get access to our express delivery options and worldwide shipping. Get the latest in luxury womenswear delivered anywhere across the globe.

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Comme des Garçons


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