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Jil Sander is one of the biggest names in minimalist fashion design. The brand’s latest collection continues the philosophy that “less is more”.
Simple lines, monochrome prints and practicality have been trademarks of the Jil Sander line since it was created in 1968. In fact, the founder is known as “the Queen of Less”.
While the label’s first show was not viewed as a critical success, Jil Sander stayed true to her artistic vision. While she continued with minimalistic designs, it took some time to catch on with the wider fashion world. It was not until 1988 that the Jil Sander label could be called truly popular.
Jil Sander did not include a menswear line until 1997, becoming established as a popular womenswear designer before expanding the line. Since then, Jil Sander has become known as one of the leading designers of men’s contemporary fashions and streetwear.
The brand has seen some huge changes, while still staying true to the “less is more” philosophy. In 1999, Prada bought a share of Jil Sander, and the eponymous founder departed as chief designer shortly afterwards. However, she has worked on and off with the fashion house that bears her name since then, assisting with collaborations and collections.
Luke and Lucie Meier are now creative directors at Jil Sander, joining the fashion house in 2017. They are credited with breathing new life into the brand, while staying true to its minimalist roots.
At Hervia, we are proud to supply the Jil Sander menswear collection. The minimalist designs and subtle use of colour means these clothes and accessories can go with almost anything.
Browse Jil Sander for men at Hervia today.

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Tax Free Shopping On All Non-EU Orders
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