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Rick Owens DRKSHDW / Scarves

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Discover Rick Owens’ DRKSHDW menswear. With bold silhouettes, muted colours, and dramatic black and white contrasts, DRKSHDW is a brand that puts a stunningly dark avant-garde spin on everyday clothing.
The DRKSHDW range offers a modern take on classic grunge and goth silhouettes that have been combined with streetwear for an updated every day look. The clothes have an easy-to-wear aesthetic that makes them accessible to all wardrobes, but they never once compromise on the powerful impact of Rick Owens’ designs.
Rick Owens is an American-born, Paris-based designer whose ground-breaking collections have earned him the nickname The Lord of Darkness. Influencing countless designers, his gothic aesthetic boasts a fashion-sportswear hybrid with gender neutral design in the hottest colour of the season: black.
Find stunning options to suit your style ranging from denim trousers, to printed t-shirts, to drawstring trousers - all of which stay true to the core art style of Rick Owens. Whether you are looking for a full-length gown, or a zip up jacket you can find options in our range that evoke a dark multi-layered aesthetic.
The Rick Owens DRKSHDW range was launched back in 2008 and features sporadic prints, bold tailoring, innovative shapes, and feminine cuts combined with dark colour palettes for a dramatic look. Dramatically contrasting the soft and the hard, the lone-wolf with the vulnerable, DRKSHDW clothing allows for stunningly complex fashion choices. The styles effortlessly balance the ugly and the beautiful for truly modern looks that have unsurprisingly gained a massive following.
No matter your style or current wardrobe, Owen’s designs are amazingly accessible allowing you to pair them with various looks to bring in a touch of darkness. Browse amazingly bold and modern menswear in our selection to truly reinvent your look.
Shop DRKSHDW men's clothing online at Hervia and update your style to incorporate the wonderfully dark world of Owens.

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Rick Owens DRKSHDW


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