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Guidi / Flat Shoes

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Choose from our selection of Guidi men’s shoes for luxury leather shoes and boots from this unique label. Known for its distressed leather and subversion of traditional designs this brand has made a name for itself worldwide.
The brand has quickly become one of the most admired brands in the industry due to the impeccable craftsmanship instilled into every pair of shoes they handcraft in Tuscany. With unique dyeing techniques and a tanning method that dates back to the middle ages, Guidi brings traditional methods to his modern designs.
The company first started tanning leather in 1896, and Ruggero Guidi took it to new heights in 2004 with his first collection of luxury distressed shoes. Before launching his line, Guidi had started collecting old worker’s shoes and hiking books being fascinated by historical shoemaking processes and their high-craftsmanship. This became the inspiration for his line and his designs reflect that history to this day.
Made from luxury leather these shoes are expertly crafted to exceptional standards for luxury footwear that can’t fail to impress. Not only are these shoes stunning to look at, but they are carefully designed for comfort and support, so you never have to suffer for your style.
Discover the back-zip round toe ankle boots for a rugged rustic design that combines the traditional hand-crafted look with modern elements such as the prominent zip. Or choose the suede leather boots that combine the heeled leather boot aesthetic with urban luxury for a completely new look.
Order from our range of Guidi men’s shoes online at Hervia today and take advantage of our express delivery options and worldwide shipping. Get the latest in luxury men’s shoes delivered to your door anywhere across the globe.


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Tax Free Shopping On All Non-EU Orders
Free Worldwide Shipping Minimum Spend Required
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