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Discover our selection of men’s clothing from renowned label Youths in Balaclava - Singapore’s favourite fashion agitators.
Youths in Balaclava is a Singapore-based collective bringing together aspects of fashion, art and music to change global perceptions of Asian fashion and style. Its vibrant energy has brought them to the international stage with unique perspectives on the streetwear style.
Starting out as an underground community, Youths in Balaclava really stepped up a gear when London-based photographer Ryan O'Toole Collett came to document the launch of Dover Street Market Singapore.
A photo documentary book was put together with the 'YIB' team and Adrian Joffe - husband to Rei Kawakubo and president of Comme des Garçons International Market - took notice.
Joffe, now a mentor figure to the Youth in Balaclava tribe, offered to consign their line at Dover Street Market, leading to the progressive designs we see today.
Originating from inspiration around the rigid cultural heritage of Singapore fused with the ultra-modern aesthetics of popular musicians and artists, this brand has created modern looks which are certain to impress.
Their nature as an artistic collective allows them to create a huge range of styles with designs that are truly avant-garde, innovative and interesting street styles, as well traditional hoodies with clean detailing.
Despite their ultra-modern aesthetics, the label has a history of using luxury traditional fabrics creating a stunning contrast. Browse options made from 100% natural cotton, premium linen, and incorporating high-quality tweed in our range.
Order from our selection of Youths in Balaclava menswear online at Hervia and take advantage of our express delivery options and worldwide shipping. Get the latest designs and labels delivered to your door, anywhere across the globe.

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Tax Free Shopping On All Non-EU Orders
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