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The Comme des Garçons Girl line brings an extra avant-garde touch to the Comme des Garçons style, creating a range that is quirky and exciting whilst also retaining the luxury you would expect from an haute couture fashion house.
The Comme des Garçons Girl range includes clothing, jewellery, shoes and accessories that are as unique as its designer.
Whether you are looking for a whole new wardrobe or a single stand out piece, you will be able to find clothes that match your personality and style from Comme des Garçons Girl.
Kawakubo founded Comme des Garçons in 1969, and the brand quickly became known for its “anti-fashion” outlook, creating spectacular showpieces that broke all the old rules of fashion.
Comme des Garçons Girl celebrates this rebellious attitude while adding a feminine twist to the appeal of the main collection.
Kawakubo is an experimental designer, often using synthetic materials or technologically advanced techniques. This is reflected in the designs that make up the Comme des Garçons Girl line. You will find bold prints, unique textures and chunky statement logos used throughout this collection.
At Hervia, we are proud to supply the latest styles and collections from Comme des Garçons Girl. This visionary line introduces new styles and pieces season after season.
Comme des Garçons Girl will continue to grow and innovate with new materials and design methods. This is a line that will remain at the forefront of cutting-edge design for years to come.
Order from our wide range of women’s Comme des Garçons Girl designer label online today at Hervia and take advantage of our worldwide shipping. 

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Comme des Garçons Girl


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Tax Free Shopping On All Non-EU Orders
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