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Discover Iosselliani jewellery from famous designers Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci. Taking inspiration from the entirety of fashion history from Roman traditions, to 1920s styles, right through to punk, the Iosselliani range is vibrant and eclectic and celebrated all over the world.
Founded in Rome, the brand brings together the traditional and the avant-garde to create totally unique jewellery that can add to any look. Iosselliani uses the memory and the forms used in the craftsmanship of the Roman goldsmith tradition and mixes unconventional materials to create a provocative and contemporary style. The brands’ jewellery is of unexpected uniqueness which do not feel the limits of time and place.
Find Iosselliani ring sets in our collection designed to be stacked together for high impact or worn individually for understated class. The sets are beautifully designed to work together to maximise impact when worn together and yet each individual piece doesn’t compromise on quality.
Choose from a range of luxurious jewellery that can be added to any look. The Iosselliani style of combining the traditional and the modern into vibrant beautiful designs allows their pieces to be worn with a huge range of styles. Able to fit into sharp architectural wardrobes just as easily as with soft draped looks, these adornments are sure to become favourites.
In this selection find rings incorporating 18k gold and high-quality silver combined with beautifully set semi-precious materials for versatile jewellery that can transition from casual daytime elegance to evening glamour.
We only stock the highest quality jewellery made from premium materials so that you can be confident that you are wearing the best. Whether for everyday wear or for a special occasion we believe that quality should never be compromised.
Created by famous jewellery designer, Paolo Giacomelli, Iosselliani uses materials that defy the world of jewellery.

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