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Discover MSGM women’s clothing for leading ladies fashion which beautifully showcases the designer’s passion for vibrancy and a youthful aesthetic.
Created by Massimo Giorgetti in partnership with the Paolini Group in Milan. MSGM has been a renowned name in the fashion industry since 2009. Massimo used the great tailoring tradition of Italian made products in order to create extremely cotemporary and modern style clothing. Having grown up in Rimini during the beach and club culture years, he is able to mix a variety of inputs and harmonise them into youthful, individual aesthetics.
Within their first year of business, MSGM was enlisted as one of “Vogue Talents” and recognised as one of the best-emerging brands in fashion.
Massimo incorporates his love for Indie Music and club culture into the creative process, which has inspired the brand’s youthful aesthetic brimmed with bold colours and varied prints. MSGM creates looks that are designed to be noticed for stand-out fashion.
With looks inspired by streetwear and sportswear, the brand continues to be on the cutting edge of modern fashion. With styles that blend the masculine and the feminine for unique modern looks they are a hugely popular choice for fashion forward wardrobes.
MSGM’s continued dedication to fashion and its iconic collection launches have resulted in a stream of steady support from our fashion-conscious customers at Hervia. We are delighted to provide jackets, hoodies, t-shirts and blouses in MSGM’s signature style.
The brand's mission “Never Look Back, It’s All Ahead” showcases its free-spirited approach to fashion which makes them a stand out brand.

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