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Pearls Before Swine / Women

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Pearls Before Swine
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The Pearls Before Swine women’s range was first created in 2005, as a reaction to what creative director Himo Martin saw as an over reliance on easily mass-produced jewellery from other brands.
Rather than focusing on what can be efficiently mass-produced, Himo Martin focuses on the beauty of each individual piece. Everything is handmade in Canada, with pieces often drawing inspiration from the most unexpected places.
In fact, items in the Pearls Before Swine range have been inspired by nails, thorns, chains and even old dentistry equipment. Himo Martin is able to combine the beauty of nature with the practicality of industrial equipment to produce truly stunning pieces, often juxtaposing unusual materials such as oxidised silver with flawless pearls.
Every season, Himo Martin finds more sources of inspiration in the natural and industrial worlds, he creates even more beautiful earrings, bracelets and rings.
At Hervia, we are proud to support designers that try to stand out from the crowd and Pearls Before Swine certainly do that. Its striking pieces are all about the quality of the metalwork and delicate composition, rather than mass-produced jewellery.
Whatever your look, you will be able to find items from Pearls Before Swine that complement and flatter your style. Every season, new items are added, thanks to the creative designer, Himo Martin.
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