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Browse our range of stunning women’s designer umbrellas from some of the most sought-after names in fashion. Discover options from designers like Jean Paul Gaultier for the latest umbrella styles.
Our stylists have carefully selected some of the most interesting and on-trend umbrella designs available to help you find the perfect addition to your wet-weather wardrobe. Find vibrant prints, modern sculptural shapes and elegant clean lines all made to exacting standards.
The best in luxury umbrellas are the ones that not only protect you and your outfit from the rain but also act as a statement accessory in their own right. All the pieces that we have chosen have been carefully selected to not only be reliable and functional in the rain, but also for their ability to lift a look to the next level.
No matter your style, find options to suit your look in our selection. Find chic black and white designs, urban transparent styles and youthful bright colour prints all finished exquisitely. We have also chosen dramatic avant-garde options incorporating unique elements such as the silver skull handle on the Tete de Mort umbrella.
All the umbrellas we supply have been chosen for their fantastic blend of stunning aesthetics and practical design so you don’t have to compromise on your overall look to keep looking your best in bad weather.
Keep dry in style with our range of women’s designer umbrellas, Hervia is passionate about seeking the best names in fashion to provide you with incredible style, no matter the weather.
Order online today and take advantage of our express delivery options and worldwide shipping. Get the best in luxury umbrellas delivered to your door anywhere across the globe.

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Free Worldwide Shipping Minimum Spend Required
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